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Studio details:

- $100,000s of equipment installed in the room. 
- Console: SSL AWS 948 mixing console 
- Monitors: Adam & Genelec
- Mic: Neumann U87
- Interface: Avid HD I/O + UAD Apollo 
- Outboard: Neve Shelford + Purple Audio MC77
- DAWs: Pro Tools + Logic + Ableton
- Acoustically treated
- Isolated vocal booth
- Secure floor with elevator access
- Lounge and kitchen access
- Private bathrooms

Membership benefits:

- Excellent environment to take meetings to impress clients. 
- Establish yourself in the New York musical community. 
- Have your finger on the pulse of the music industry. 
- Be a part of a major recording studio. 
- Intern and tech help available. 
- Access to top tier music gear. 
This is a turn key operation. 
We’ve already done all the work for you. 
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